Spend the Weekend Dancing at Yukon’s Czech Hall

Spend the Weekend Dancing at Yukon's Czech Hall

Every Saturday night from 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m., you can kick up your heels with some festive dancing when you attend the weekly dances at Yukon's Czech Hall. You can learn how to polka or pick up a few steps from other traditional Czechoslovakian dances. It's also a great way to stay active, get fit, and make new friends while you're at it. On … [Read more...]

Use Your Yukon Ceiling Fans in Winter for Better Energy Efficiency

Use Your Yukon Ceiling Fans in Winter for Better Energy Efficiency

Yukon residents are always on the lookout for energy-efficient tips to help keep energy consumption and utility bills lower throughout the year. This is especially true during the winter months when bills get higher as you try to keep your luxury Yukon apartment at a comfortable temperature. Rather than leaving your heat off and bundling up in … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Yukon from Around the World


As New Year's Eve in Yukon approaches, you might be considering your options for things to do. There are many wonderful ways you can bring in the New Year. Here are three ways to celebrate the New Year at your luxury Yukon apartments that are from around the world. A tradition from South American has you make a doll and put scrapes of clothing on … [Read more...]

Tips to Keep Blinds Dust Free in Your Yukon Apartment

How To Clean Blinds

Our luxury apartments in Yukon come with a long list of fantastic features and convenient community amenities to make your life more comfortable and enjoyable. All you'll need to do to make your life absolutely perfect at our beautiful apartment community is show up and move in. The apartments themselves have super features like designer paint and … [Read more...]

Boost Upper Body Strength in Our Yukon Fitness Center

Upper Body Exercises with Free Weights

When you have these beautiful Yukon apartments with fitness center, you want to make use of them. You will love being able to enjoy a great workout at your convenience right out your door. It is always a good thing to try some new fitness regimes. Boost your upper body strength in our Yukon Fitness Center with these exercises. A simple but effective … [Read more...]

Taste New Mexico Cuisine at Green Chile Kitchen Route 66 in Yukon

Taste New Mexico Cuisine at Green Chile Kitchen Route 66 in Yukon

When it comes to sampling different types of food, there are plenty of diverse restaurants in Yukon for you to choose from. Being able to eat out at many different places is a great option for those of you who like to get away from the kitchen in your luxury Yukon apartment or for those who like to experience new things and explore all of the … [Read more...]

Join the Community Fun at Yukon’s Christmas in the Park

Join the Community Fun at Yukon's Christmas in the Park

One of the most popular holiday events in Yukon is the annual Christmas in the Park. More than four million lights illuminate three city parks in 200 lighted displays. Take a drive along a path to see village houses, animation, and moving displays in an atmosphere of holiday music. The event begins on the Saturday before Thanksgiving and continues … [Read more...]

3 Fall Decorations to Dress Up Your Canyon Ranch Table

Fall Decor

With a couple hours of spare time and a few bucks, you can take advantage of some seasonal apartment decorating tips and create unique decorations to dress up your dinner table at your Yukon apartment. Create place cards for your dinner table with small ceramic tiles, pieces of cork, and a permanent or dry erase marker. Peel the mesh backing off … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Amp Up your Treadmill Work Out in Yukon


Getting a good workout in isn't always easy. You lead a busy life but when you do go, you want to be able to get the best workout possible. It is a good thing your Yukon apartments with fitness center make this easier for you. Here are three ways to amp up your Treadmill workout at your Yukon apartments with fitness center. Be sure to mix up your … [Read more...]

Register for the Central DASH at the Yukon Middle School Track

Canyon Ranch 5K

Whether you're finally getting around to your New Year's Resolution or you're just looking to stay in shape, the Central DASH will give you the opportunity to work out while benefiting a great cause. The ultimate goal is to enrich lives with healthiness, and Central Elementary PSO embraces the community on its track Nov. 1. If a 5K run in Yukon is … [Read more...]

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VIDEO: See Our Tulsa Apartments Up Close


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Check Through Apartment Units Before New Residents Come

Check Through Apartment Units Before New Residents Come

Creating a great first impression with a new resident doesn't always happen when they first visit the community to view a unit, fill out an application, or finalize their lease agreement. In many cases, the real first impression occurs when they take those first steps through the door into their new home and see it as their own. You can be proactive … [Read more...]

Strengthen Resident Retention with Great Customer Service


The strongest apartment communities are those that can retain residents. At Case & Associates, we take pride in our customer service, and we are happy to share resident retention tips to turn your community into the best it can be. Providing excellent customer service that includes quick responses to residents’ queries and concerns and … [Read more...]

Simple Ways to Make Your Community More Eco-Friendly

Simple Ways to Make Your Community More Eco-Friendly

Nowadays, people are concerned about the future of our planet. With that in mind, residents are making a conscience effort to reduce their carbon footprint. As a property manager, you are in a unique position to really make a difference. Make note of the following green property management tips to implement at your apartment community. If your … [Read more...]

Keep Residents Happy with Rental Perks

Keep Residents Happy with Rental Perks

You don't need statistics to know that happy residents are more likely to reside in apartment communities longer than unhappy ones. Providing residents with rental perks is one thing that makes them happy. The perks you offer, however, need to be creative, unique, and relevant to your community; there is no point in offering a service that does not … [Read more...]

Prepare Your Community Landscape for Cold Winters

Prepare Your Community Landscape for Cold Winters

As a property manager, you're aware of the importance of curb appeal. Plants and flowers add beauty and a liveliness to your housing community. Taking steps to prepare your landscaping for cold temperatures is necessary to protect your plants and flowers. Check out the United States's Department of Agriculture's Hardiness Zone Map to determine … [Read more...]