Increase the Incline for a Harder Treadmill Workout in Yukon

5 Fun Treadmill Workouts

Running on a treadmill at our apartments in Yukon with fitness center is an excellent way to get a good work out. However, it can be a little repetitive if done all the time. There are plenty of ways to keep your workout experience on the treadmill interesting and engaging. Here's an idea for a more challenging workout on the treadmill! One of the … [Read more...]

Teach Your Pooch New Tricks in Our Yukon Dog Park

Fun and Easy Dog Tricks

You want to train your dog to do a few tricks and it is great that our apartments in Yukon with dog park provide you the space to work with your dog. You will love being able to introduce new tricks to your furry friend. Teach your dog these new tricks at our Yukon dog park. Your dog can learn to back up. It is a great skill for your dog to know … [Read more...]

How to Grow Tomatoes on Your Canyon Ranch Balcony

Growing Tomatoes on an Apartment Balcony

You live at our beautiful luxury apartments in Yukon with balconies, why not make use of the space to grow a garden? You can get wonderful produce from your own balcony. Here is how to grow tomatoes just a few feet from your kitchen. Before you plant in the planters that you have set up, be sure to remove any of the lower branches from your … [Read more...]

Spring Events for the Whole Family in Yukon

Kids Trout Fish Out

Perhaps you're looking for family friendly events in Yukon that everyone in your family will enjoy. Fortunately, there are some great events approaching, so get ready to mark your calendar. The Kids Trout Fish Out will take place on March 7 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. It will be at the Dale Robertson Center Pond, which is located at 1200 Lakeshore … [Read more...]

6 Simple Solutions for Tricky Cleaning Around Your Yukon Apartment

More hidden tricks to get your house sparkling in record time

Perhaps you're always looking for new cleaning tricks to make your life easier at our luxury apartments in Yukon. It's always nice to stumble across a simple solution to a tricky cleaning situation. Make note of the following apartment cleaning tips: If you break glass in your home, use a piece of bread to clean up the glass shards. Even tiny … [Read more...]

Creative Ways to Display Artwork on Your Yukon Accent Wall

Stylist Secrets: Ways to Display Art Without Putting Holes in the Walls

With all the luxury in your home in Yukon has to offer, the last thing you would want is to fill your accent walls with holes. However, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some exquisite art. Here is how you can display artwork without ruining your walls: An oversized piece can be leaned against the wall on top of a dresser. If the artwork is … [Read more...]

Enjoy the Hilarious Comedy Blithe Spirit at The Stage Door in Yukon

The Stage Door Theatre

The Stage Door is the center for cultural events in Yukon. In 2015 their schedule kicks off with the lively and outrageous comedy, "Blithe Spirit". "Blithe Spirit" tells the tale of Charles Condomine, a novelist who remarried after the untimely death of his first wife, Elvira. Unfortunately for Condomine, Elvira's spirit returns to haunt him, even … [Read more...]

How to Start Training with Free Weights in Our Yukon Fitness Center

5 Fun Treadmill Workouts

Change your exercise routine by trying out a free weight exercise at your apartments in Yukon with fitness center. Here are some tips to help you get started on training with weights. For your upper body, try doing bench presses with a weight that is comfortable to lift. You can also try the Military Press and Barbell Row. Work your core by … [Read more...]

Ways to Take Care of Your Dog During the Winter in Yukon

Cold weather dog care

Because dogs have fur we tend to forget that they can and do get just as cold as we do during the winter. Our pet-friendly apartments in Yukon have provided you with a few ways to take care of your furry friend during these cold times. Have a vet examine your dog for any medical issues that could make them more vulnerable to the cold. Limit outdoor … [Read more...]

Spend the Weekend Dancing at Yukon’s Czech Hall

Spend the Weekend Dancing at Yukon's Czech Hall

Every Saturday night from 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m., you can kick up your heels with some festive dancing when you attend the weekly dances at Yukon's Czech Hall. You can learn how to polka or pick up a few steps from other traditional Czechoslovakian dances. It's also a great way to stay active, get fit, and make new friends while you're at it. On … [Read more...]

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Grab a Drink at the Nearby Marshall Brewing Company


In Tulsa you'll never have to travel far to find a place to grab a drink, but a brewery is where you'll want to be to find unique brews of beer you can't find anywhere else. One brewery near some of our Case & Associates properties that's open to the public is Marshall Brewing Company.  As of now, they have five year-round beers. The Sundown … [Read more...]

1 or 2 Bedroom: Which Tulsa Floor Plan is Right for Me?

woman in apartment

Deciding between 1 and 2 bedroom apartment floor plans in Tulsa can be a big decision. On one hand, the extra bedroom is nice to have and can be turned into an office or used for out of town guests. On the other, two bedrooms cost more than one which means a little added expense each month. Determining which is right for you requires considering your … [Read more...]

Our Cedar Glade Apartments are Near Tulsa’s East Pointe Center

Case & Associates Properties

It's not everyday that a new community opens up and we're thrilled to say that our apartments for rent in Tulsa near East Pointe Shopping Center are ready for residents. As always, our Case & Associates communities are designed to make our resident's feel comfortable and relaxed. To that end, each apartment features high-quality appliances, … [Read more...]

Residents Find Quality Shopping Options at Woodland Hills Mall


There's something about the warm weather and a trip to the mall that's sure to bring a smile to your face. If you've decided that it's time to reward yourself for a little hard work, then be sure you stop by these great stores which are not far from your apartments in Tulsa near Woodland Hills Mall. In fact, each of these in within the mall … [Read more...]

5 Exciting Things to Know Before Moving to Tulsa

Tulsa Raceway Park

Relocating does not always have to be stressful when you are able to look forward to future adventures near our apartments in Tulsa. The following are some great things to know before moving to Tulsa that will definitely confirm that your decision is the right one: Drag racing- Is speed the name of your game? Then you have come to the … [Read more...]